Monday, July 27, 2009

I Love Old Picnic Tables

I'm staying at my dad's house for a few days and am surrounded by many things which remind me of my childhood and of my mom. Being here is like being immersed in all of my memories, both the bitter and the sweet. Today I carefully picked out a perfect rainbow of original Fiestaware plates from my mom's collection to photograph for the header of this blog. In the backyard at my parent's house is an ancient picnic table, that I'm pretty sure my Grandpa Brady, my mom's dad, built for my parents. He and my grandmother owned a lumber company, Gilcher Lumber Company, in Barberton, Ohio. My grandmother was the initiator of my mother's legendary Fiestaware collection, when she would receive complimentary pieces at the grocery store for making purchases of a certain amount when my mom was a kid.

This picnic table and my mom's Fiestaware, and this property in general, are like a beautiful, nostalgiac, perfect photo studio. I just wanted to wander around shooting stock pictures for my blog all day. In reality, I only had about 20 minutes to execute what I envisioned in my mind all day. I promise that not all future blog photos will have that old picnic table as their background, but if I could take the thing home with me, they probably would. It is just SO perfect!


  1. Carrie, your site looks great! I am glad that you are having so much time for memories and nostalgia. Some people say not to live in the past, but I think the past is precious. Happy photo-shooting!

  2. You just proved that picnic tables are not just for eating purposes. It gives us more than its use. It's good that it can now be availed through online purchasing.