Wednesday, May 26, 2010

small miracles

Good news. We found Baldwin today. My neighbor and friend Katherine found her hiding in a pile of brush behind her studio. After work, with threatening gray thunderheads gathering around us, Dora and I called for her by the brush pile. I was near giving up when I heard some faint meowing. Soon she scurried out the other side away from us, under a trailer where other wild cats like to hide. I finally coaxed her out with a can of cat food.

I scooped the food onto a plate and put her in the bathroom to eat alone. She ate the whole thing. When I checked on her a while later, she rubbed against me and purred. I think she had eaten very little in the 10 or so days she has been gone, but otherwise she seems fine. She is back to hiding behind the TV cabinet. Tomorrow I'm going to buy her some kitty relaxation herbs that Katherine told me about.

We had a late, simple dinner, and a late bedtime, and I have a stack of napkins to finish. I can't write more about this now other than to say thank God for small miracles, and for a neighborhood full of pet lovers who are paying attention, and for Newman's Own Turkey Formula.

Every once in a while, what we have lost is found again. Amen.

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  1. I'm new to your blog (thanks to Maia). I must say I LOVE that you LOVE FiestaWare!! (I'm sure there will be more to love, but that's where I'll start.) Looking forward to more.